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... a breath of fresh air, the sweat is running down your face, the valley floor is laying for your feet, green, lush and welcoming. The last crest is climbed, as you reach for some refreshening water you know that the coming hour will be downhill.To travel by bike is to travel with nature, smell the spring flowers, taste the sea-breeze and feel the sun on your hands. Sometimes wipe the rain off your face, and always whether wet or cold, warm, hot or burning, tickle your senses and just be alive.

Björn is swedish, he works for an offshore company with steel engineering. He has always dreamt about living abroad an ended up after Australia, Latvia, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong in... Holland. Since secondary school he has trained and instructed in karate, and is for many years a black belt. The last couple of years he is into shoot fighting and brasilian jujutsu.

Björn is a very positive guy, never gets really upset when cycling, except for when it is raining. His foremost strength is the will to never give up, not to forget his ability to sleep everywhere - even when it is well below zero. The more tired he is the harder he will ride. His favorite food on the road: pasta with a raw egg.

My top 5: Telemark skiing, in the piste, off the piste or better - in powder snow...

  The heavy snowfall of today has just ceased. Northern lights covering the starlight sky in greenish flames - tomorrow you just have to be up early, the white slopes are there and first one out is first one served. It's powder time! |

  More alpine delights? Soulstice films covers mountains from Montana to Mount Everest

Loves: Being on the winning side | bridges & pylons | tunnels & caves | historical buildings...

Hates: To not have the motorcycle licence (that's why I do the rockies on a MTB) ...

Mission: To bring the world a true understanding of the three additional letters in the Swedish Alphabet [eau,hae,oeh].

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