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the first thing is maybe to decide where to go, and when. When, as in when can I take a break, or when do I have enough hard currency in my pocket? But don't forget to check out when, as in when is the weather inviting - ending up in the rainy season can give you a very good experience in using the push-bike as just that, a push bike. When when is sorted out, then preparations has to be taken. Find out why you should bike The Great Divide Mountainbike Route!

For a short weekend it may be enough to check the tyres, oil the chain, and ease up in the saddle. For longer trips, it is good to get some miles in your legs, preferably on the bike you intend to use. By all means, go, but try to plan it with your own fitness in mind. Read more in training schedule about getting ready for a long trip.

Surf the web there is so much information available on the Internet. Most of the sites have a link library and once you start clicking around don't forget to add useful information to your favorites. On our website the favorites are always on the left side.

To get there, book a ticket through D-Reizen (Holland), or the Internet (www.vliegtarieven.nl). KLM and Delta have departures from Kalispell. Delta is the cheapest, but do not expect too much luxury. From El paso to the divide is 2 days, from Kalispell to the border also 2 days. We hitched from the canadian border to Kalispell. A ticket Amsterdam - El Paso - Kalispell -Amsterdam costs about 1000 Euro pp.







Our Budget (pp)
(The Euro has the same vallue as US dollars)
Bicycle with equipment
Euro 1500.-

Euro 200.-
Airplane ticket Amsterdam-El paso
Euro 1000.-
Maps | books
Euro 100.-
(5Euro per day)
Euro 250
National parks
Euro 20,-
(10 Euro per day)
Euro900 total
Spare parts
Euro 500
Bicycling shoes and clothes
Euro 200.-
Other equipment
Euro 200

Fitness Cycling (workouts)