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Food, because you are always hungry,...

... you can eat everything, but it is important that you know what your body really needs to keep on going. You need energy! Pasta, rice, beans and bread. And don't forget the veggies. We met people who lived on energy bars. That's not only very expensive, it is not really good food. Energy bars give you energy fast through sugar, after 30 min you are hungry again. Take your time to have a sandwich with peanut butter or jam or eat some fruit, that stays much longer in your body.

Food is a treat as well, so take some cans with pineapple bits or apple mousse with you for dessert, and sweets of course when you have an instant sugar grave.

Have some carrots close by, it gives you something to chew on and fills you stomach more than you would think.

To make every day pasta still a surprise use different sauces and don't be shy with the parmesan!

Vegetables and pasta for dinner, it is easy to cook a decent meal when you are camping

  Pasta, noodles and couscous are good carbohydrates. You want to cook fast and you stomach don't have the time to wait for the rice to boil.

  Vegetables need to stay good for many days. Vegetables that do are: carrots, salary and cabbage, pumkin and onion.

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