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Through the Great Dividing Range,...

... commonly referred to as the Rockies, a whole series of paths, tracks and dirt roads have been mapped by the people at Adventure Cycling |

As they say it in their book: "From arid semi-desert landscape in New Mexico, high plateaus of Colorado, mountain passes, jagged peaks and volcanism of Wyoming, prairie stretches of Idaho and lakeside evergreen forests of Montana, it's all there.".

The book and the route, are tailored to be travelled in a North-to-South direction, but where we start in late May, there is a fair chance of snow in the more northern areas. Thus making a journey from South-to-North more preferred. The route covers a distance of about 4,000km, and the rich indian culture presents itself as the natural companion and guide throughout our journey.

It is a journey you will never forget, and it tastes only for more when you come back. You bike through the hot but amazing Chihuahuan Desert, see the snow tops in Colorado and feel the wind (always head wind) in Wyoming. De lakes are blue the sky as well. We loved the single tracks in Montana. There are really not a lot of problems you can encounter, most of the day you just cycle and enjoy yourself. That all thanx to adventure cycling. You can plan your ride week for week, to find out where to shop and get water. Then on the road, you can go through the map and the book the night before and then you're prepared. It is as easy as it sounds.

You probably meet some people and can decide to travel together a while. You can use the campsites from the map or the book but we put up camp where ever and when ever we felt like it, often as close as possible to water. Most of the country you travel through is national park and there you can camp every where. Don't take a cell phone because it doesn't work in the outback. Take good rain cloths and a warm cloths to wear. If you like reading, you can pick up books in secondhand stores and camping's. Read it and pass it on.
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There is a CDT forum, here you can get a lot of info about people who cycled the great divide or people who are looking for riding partners. There is a lot of gossip going around there as well. Check it out! |


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