Beaverhead NF
Anaconda Range
Bob M Wilderness
Lewis&Clark NF
Glacier NP
In Glacier over: Triple Divide Pass
The Lewis&Clark journals


...From Pinedale (WY), and a mosquito dense region, via a one day ride in Idaho and the Beaverhead National Forest, to the mining town of Butte, wide valleys with thin vegetation marks are frequent. Different sage and alpine woods are growing here. The route crosses the divide many times and long steep climbs are present, as well as a lot of cows. In the northern regions, the woodland dominates from Helena up to Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Here most of the Grizzly Bear in US are roaming the countryside. Until mid-June snow can be expected at higher altitudes, and very cold weather is not uncommon into July.

Helena is the biggest town, with less than 40,000 people. The ascent at "thermarest hill", challenges the uphill slope at Indiana Pass of being the steepest on the entire route. walking can be anticipated.

At the Anaconda Range the main inhabitants are mountain goat, mule and whitetail deer, as well as moose and elk. Time permits, the bikes will be left and Glacier National Park will be explored by foot. Go to on the road and read more about Montana |