Gila Wilderness
Silver City
El Malpais

New Mexico,...

... Arriving from El Paso, Texas, and Europe - the start of the Great Divide Route is formally in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Here, in the extension of the Chihuahuan Desert the bikes are turned, facing north. The arid high plateau broken by the grey granite outcrops of the Hatchet range at two thirds to the town of Hachita.

For the cactus connisseur there should be more than 60 species to be counted. Winding north, the enchanted land changes from desert to the rugged, forested Gila National Forest, the spectacular Aldo Leopold Wilderness and volcanic landscapes of the Badlands ("El Malpais"). The trail coincides with the 1,000 year old Zuni-Acoma trade route and the Anasazi indian heritage.

May and June are generally the two hottest months, where from August heavy rainstorms can turn the tracks into mud pools, rendering travel impossible. As Colorado is approached, the trail starts to climb into higher altitudes. Stretches scarce in water have to be dealt with.Spanish is spoken as frequently as english. Go to on the road and read more about New Mexico |