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From saying - I'll never do that,...

...famous words when seeing a Japanese tourist cross the arid bush-lands of Australia, to self getting out in mountainous regions of Europe (where the first three-week vacation asked plenty of vaseline), the thought of doing a real overland journey in the saddle slowly started to develope.

Spinning is to Renate, what football is to the rest of Holland - serious stuff! Second to day long ice-skating tours on natural ice and horse riding only. Where possible, this webdesigner get's to smoke the competition at work in squash duels... As a Graphic Designer, Renate's qualities are put to good use at the local TV-network, where she either edit footage or makes her own items with the camera in her hand.

As long as she can lay her hands on a cheese-sandwich, there is always a smile on her face. Usually spending spare-time in-line skating, gardening, oil-painting or reading, when volleyball is up - there is no mercy to be expected!

As you can see she is an exellent webdesigner and editorand looking for a job at the moment. Take your time to look at her portfolio at (Dutch) |

Number one of my favorite places is West Australia, never did one km on a bike though...

  Backroad to CUE, real outback feeling, marvelous stone statues and clay caves, true aboriginal country. Beautiful sunsets and long empty roads, flies and the smell of dust |

  Kakadu National Park, a beautiful park with streams and rock formations, like travelling back in time to the dreamtime

Loves: Be outside when it rains | sleep under the stars | the sound tires make on bitumen | first coffee in the morning | train stations | swimming in the ocean | springtime...

Hates: Flies in my mouth | wet shoes = wet feet | no food when hungry | waiting for a bus | being patient | instant coffee | stains on my computerscreen,...

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